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The leatherwears displayed below are in stock

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Essentially coming from tanneries based in the United States or in Italy, these premium leathers are selected among leatherwears that had benefited from specific treatments.
Their characteristics are detailed in each article. They have an aerated structure and are nourished during the tanning. This imparts them suppleness and water resistance. As for the simple leathers, I can also apply a hue and a patina in order to highlight their unique style.

Important note regarding the leather choice:

I did the choice to reference my products by leather type. This means that you have to make your selection according to the colours and grains presented. Each of them can be used for both a smart strap and a thicker design.

I regularly select new leathers. The list below is therefore not exhaustive. Others are ordered. You can contact me via the form below.

You can also order each colour presented on the colour chart below.

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