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Why old leathers ?

     These cartridge belts originate from the Swiss, French and Swedish army stocks. The ones I had been able to acquire had been produced from the beginning of the 20th century till the 60’s.


One of this leather characteristics is to be very homogeneous, from the crust to the grain.

Once it has been worked and assembled in a strap, the leather gains suppleness.

The patina due to years of use reveals some nice surprises, which will highlight your watch.

The choice of the marking and the date enables to bring an authenticity and a distinctive nature to a watch that has itself an historical legacy. You can see some examples in the gallery below.

These leathers tanning was made in baths containing vegetable tannins, sometimes during more than two years. Today, the process is accelerated and takes few weeks.

By choosing a military leather, you will have a qualitative product that will accompany you for many years.


You’ll see below the cartridge belts in stock

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