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Leather maintenance

The leather is a natural and living material. Its evolution and maintenance is comparable to that of wood. The grain is composed of numerous pores linked to the dermis fibres.

When we apply a product, we have to clean firstly all the cavities with lukewarm water and glycerin soap.

Then, the product used doesn’t have to be too greasy or to contain silicones. The greases will stick the dust and create an abrasive amalgam that will mark, and forward cut, the leather on the folds areas. As for the silicones, they will act clogging the pores and finally will dirty the leather.

I make this maintenance wax, that I use from the beginning, partly for the patinas and the leather protection.
It is composed of natural products, forms a protection against stains while being microporous.
It can be used on all kinds of smooth leather. Don't apply it on buffed leathers with a nubuck finish.

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