General terms and conditions :


How to make an order?


You have two options:

  • The first one is to choose a strap in stock. You can contact me to make sure it is compatible with your watch type.

  • The second option is the bespoke creation. This will enable you to define exactly the choice of the leatherwear, its patina, as well as dimensions adjusted to your wrist.


How to make a bespoke order ?

Customisation tools are set in the website. They guide you with figures for you to take appropriate measures.

I’m also available, either by email or by telephone, to guide you with your choices. Your criteria have to be noted in order to visualize optimally your expectations. This step can be done easily during a phone call.

Which payment means do you accept ?


Payments can be made by wire transfer, by Paypal or by cheque.

Can I get a refund ?


For stock items, you have a 7-day period to change your mind or ask for a refund.

Bespoke orders are note refundable, under article L121-20-2. The total amount will be kept.


How long will it take for me to receive my order ?


For stock items, it takes around 4 working days.

For make-to-order items, it will depend on the business of the period. On average, the time lapse is less than one month.

Risk of leather disgorging on textiles ?

The leathers used are principally vegetable tanned or show a natural finish, except some leathers called exotic. It is then possible, under some sweat conditions or in contact with white textiles, to notice a disgorging. I can’t be held responsible for any damage caused on anything in contact with the leather.

Feel free in any case to contact me, if you have any questions, or if a product doesn’t give you full satisfaction.

Is it possible to order a strap in a cartridge belt of our own ?

Cartridge belts, particularly the Swiss ones, are great substrates to realise straps. Nevertheless, several criteria have to be taken into account :

  • Their state of conservation has to enable a strap creation: they don’t have to be cracked and their fat level has to be high. 

  • The grain has to be like a fat and unstretched surface, with a varnished aspect. 

  • The markings have to be distinct enough in order to not disappear during the strap design work.

  • The leather crust doesn’t have to show major defects like scars or a lack of homogeneity (similar to knots in wood pieces). This would generate risks of rupture.

It is possible to create one or several straps in a cartridge belt of your own. 

However, I will be able to determine its state only by disassembling it and by starting the slitting work (leather refining). If this cartridge belt can’t be used, a fixed price of €20 will be applied for the slitting work and the expertise work to evaluate its state.

I can’t be held responsible for a leather defect and the cartridge belt rupture. The return by tracked parcel will be charged as well.

You can contact me to obtain a piece of advice on the state of your cartridge belt and a quote.