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This belt is crafted with a vegetable tanned leather imported from US.

It’s a 5mm thick, unlined belt. The leather on the outer side is mat and smooth on the inner side.

The strap width is 38mm.

The belt is provided with a stainless steel buckle, as the one displayed on the picture, with a brushed or polished finish.

It’s possible to unscrew the brass Chicago screws and to change the buckle thereafter.


Possibility to make this belt with a pre-V buckle in 26 or 24mm (2d picture).

Thank you for specifying it at the time of the order.


The manufacturing time takes one week, as these belts are in stock. Subject to available sizes.


Thank you for specifying both lengths required for the manufacturing:

On the last picture, you’ll find: L1: Adjustment hole distance L2: Belt total length


Thank you for noting both dimensions at the time of your order



Vintage US leather bel


    Every order for a tailor-made strap has to go along with the completed form below:

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