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This leather comes from Portuguese tanneries.

Its touch is soft, a little nubuck and oily.

It has a pitted grain, with small round lugs a bit like some basketballs or American footballs.

Its color is an aged yellow, accentuated by the grain and the effects of fatty tanning.

It is a supple and airy tanning.

Its initial thickness is fine.

It makes it possible to make vintage bracelets for watches in 36/40 mm format.

However, I can also make panerai type bracelets, by thickening the whole.

Very flexible, it allows different combinations, whether it is a flat or convex / reinforced shape.

I can also play with its color, by lightening or skating certain aspects. See the different photos.

It is easily cleaned with a brush and glycerine soap (or, failing that, Marseille soap).

See the photos of bracelets made here in 20/18 submariner type and 26/26 panerai type.

All the details are customizable, such as: thickness, stitching, shape ...

I invite you to view and customize your bracelet in the configuration form tool.

Lining in the same leather or another color.

The manufacturing time is about a month and a half.

Yellow oil leather strap


    Every order for a tailor-made strap has to go along with the completed form below:

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