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These straps are realised from French or European vegetable tanned leather.

The patina and shade are created on request to fit in with your watch and/or belts or shoes.

Every detail is customisable, as: the thickness, the stitching, the shape, the rounded or straight end links.

I invite you to review the Configuration Form tool and to personalise your strap.

The vegetable tanned leather is a natural leather which manufacturing process doesn’t use chemicals (for example, chromium). There is no synthetic varnish neither. This gives a leather that ages patinating and polishing, adapting perfectly to your wrist.

This leather is basically light beige, almost white, which enables to offer you a very large shades chart, from bright colours to pastel hues.

The manufacturing time takes about one month and a half.

Patina and veg tan leather straps


    Every order for a tailor-made strap has to go along with the completed form below:

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