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The crocodile straps can principally have two aspects, according to the part used: the ventral skin or the tail. The larger are the scales, the larger will be the strap width. I advise to use the ventral part for the straps up the 20mm. Above this size, I advise to use the tail.

Two colours are in stock:

● Brown/chocolate

● Grey: this one can be deglazed to obtain an aged matt aspect and can also be patinated by myself to give a night blue (see pictures)


This leather comes from crocodiles in an exploitation regulated by the CITES Convention. The import permit number appears on the invoice.


Every detail is customisable, as: the thickness, the stitching, the shape...

I invite you to review the Configuration Form tool and to personalise your strap.


The manufacturing time takes about one month and a half.

Crocodile leather strap


    Every order for a tailor-made strap has to go along with the completed form below:

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