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US nubuck amber tan leather strap

It is vegetable tanned leather, so this means that it will evolve, shine and acquire a patina over time.

It is maintained with a wash with glycerin soap then a special nubuck spray to straighten the fibers and waterproof

Peach skin effect, fine grain

Lining in the same leather

Ecru peripheral seam,

Natural raw slices

Lug/buckle 24/24 mm

Strands: 125/75 mm

thickness 3.5 mm

6 oval holes, the first at 45 mm from the pump passage, the last at 77 mm

Optional buckle: Screwed steel buckle €20

Bracelet 24/24 mm nubuck amber tan

  • Retour accepté sous 7 jours, neuf dans son emballage

Every order for a tailor-made strap has to go along with the completed form below:

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