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These straps can be created from the military fabrics 3 and 4, depending on the availabilities. Otherwise called rolled canvas, this strap is crafted from one part of folded fabric, without using leather. It can be curved by adding a watertight and non-absorbent foam material.

The rolled-edge design (with hems) is only achievable in straight shape, therefore in 20/20, 22/22, 24/24 & 26/26.

By technical choice, I’ve selected old military canvas. Some are more than 50 years old. These fabrics weft and composition enable a perfect stitching and a continued resilience.

On some of them, the patina related with the use and the age expresses itself and I can also emphasize the aged aspect. The polished or waxed edges match well the spirit of this strap. It can also stay raw and fluffy on the edges, if you want so.


Every detail is customisable, as: the thickness, the stitching, the shape...

I invite you to review the Configuration Form tool and to personalise your strap:


PS: the strap on the bronze Yema watch is made with the n° 10 fabric.


The manufacturing time takes about one month and a half.

Rolled-edge canvas strap (made entirely of fabric)


    Every order for a tailor-made strap has to go along with the completed form below:

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